Teza Belmond

The Sound of a New World - Out Now!

This album features a selection of Teza Belmond's favorite compositions
and showcases her skill as a composer. Take a listen and immerse yourself
in the sound of a new world!



Teza Belmond is a California-based musician who specializes in orchestral and choral genres. She picked up music at a young age, starting with the violin in third grade and adding more instruments - such as guitar and piano - to her repertoire with time.

She has gained a sizeable social media following for her acapella work and original songs, accumulating over 1 million hits on her works across websites such as YouTube and Tumblr.

In addition to her musical work, Teza is currently directing, producing, editing, and mixing an original radioplay with a full cast of talented actors. She is incredibly excited about her future in the music business, as well as other fields, and looks forward to providing the world with a brand new sound.